The Chatfield CSA at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms

About Member Assembler Payments

Member Assembler Payments is a part of Member Assembler, a service offered by Small Farm Central which lets farmers accept online farm subscriptions. Our Scheduled Payments feature makes it easy for farmers and their customers to split the cost of a subscription into several payments over the course of a season.

About The Chatfield CSA at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms

We are a six acre vegetable farm situated on more than 700 acres of nature preserve in the foothills of Littleton Colorado. We are a botanic garden affiliate with the main Denver Botanic Gardens in downtown Denver. We have a horticulture program, event rentals, education for children and agriculture. We grow our crops with organic methods but we are not certified. As a public garden we try to bring outreach, education and inclusiveness to all that we do.

How it Works

To sign up for a payment plan, you begin at the membership signup page of your farmer's website. If your farmer has chosen to offer Scheduled Payments, you will see an option for Member Assembler Payments on the checkout page at the end of the signup process. Once you come here, you will have the opportunity to agree to a schedule of payments which we generate by applying your balance to your farmer's payment schedule template (down payment percentage, start date, number of payments, etc).

As a part of agreeing to the payment schedule, you will need to provide credit card details to be used on the scheduled dates to pay your farmer. Member Assembler Payments uses (who are they?) as the payment gateway for running credit card transactions and as a safe repository for your card details. We use only encrypted network connections to handle your credit card information, and we store your card details under your farmer's merchant acount with (we do not retain our own copies).

If your payment schedule includes a downpayment, we will run that payment at the time you sign up, using your card details on file, and we will send you a confirmation email. For payments scheduled in the future, we will send you a reminder a bit before your payment is scheduled to run (unless your farmer has chosen to turn off the reminder emails), run the payment on the scheduled date using your card info on file, and send you a confirmation email.

Dealing with Problems and Special Cases

In most cases, you shouldn't need to do anything else once you've signed up for Scheduled Payments — it will all just work automatically. However, there are situations which may require some additional attention from you or your farmer. For example, you might choose to sign up mid-season for an egg share (changing your balance), or perhaps you get a new credit card when your old one is about to expire, resulting in a transaction using the old card details getting declined.

If you need to adjust your balance with a one time payment or to update your card details on file, you have two options. First, you can call your farmer. Second, you can fill in your email address in the link request form above. The link request form will send you an email with a link to a page here on Member Assembler Payments where you can make a one time payment and/or update your card details.

Your farmer also has the ability, at their discretion, to cancel individual scheduled payments or to stop your payment schedule entirely. So for example, if you decide mid-season that for some reason you want to settle your entire balance by check, you could make arrangements with your farmer to do that.

Your farmer also can, again at their discretion, configure new schedules for late start dates after the normal membership signup period has ended. So if you want to make arrangements with your farmer to sign up mid-season for a payment plan, Member Assembler Payments supports that.